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15 Creative Book Report Ideas for Every Grade and Subject Visions of endless writing and tedious presentations feel overwhelming to students. But reading an awesome book and telling others all about it can be one of the great pleasures in life! Here are 15 creative book report ideas that will be sure to get your students excited about their next assignment.

28 Common Word Alternatives That Will Spice Up Your Writing 28 Common Word Alternatives That Will Spice Up Your Writing Having a broad vocabulary is one of the most valuable assets any writer can have. Nothing lends flair and depth to one's writing like a versatile set of word alternatives that can turn basic banter into captivating content. 21 Creative Digital Essays You Can Use In Your Classroom Digital essays on prezi can be used as very simply–to copy/paste typed pencil/paper essays, or in far more creative and interesting ways. To show what’s possible, I’ve gathered up 21 of the more interesting (and academic-focused) presentations so that you can have a look-see. free essay on Creative Alternatives to the Issues of ... Creative Alternatives to the Issues of Censorship News flash: A 12 year old kills a 6 year old by practicing wrestling moves on her he learned from WWF Smack Down. A 13-year old boy shoots and kills a classmate with a gun he ordered from the Internet.

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13 Engaging Ways to Begin an Essay - There are countless ways to begin an essay effectively. As a start, here are 13 introductory strategies accompanied by examples from a wide range of professional writers. 40 Alternative Assessment Ideas for Learning | TeachHUB With this creative list of 40 alternative assessments ideas, your students can prove their knowledge and skills in a way that makes learning fun and engaging. 40 Alternative Assessment Ideas for Learning | TeachHUB How to write 'In this essay, I will discuss…' in a better way ... The statement "In this essay I will discuss…" does two things wrong: one, it brings in the author of the essay in an explicit manner, and two, it is a weak way to introduce the thesis. 10 Best Creative Writing Prompts -

In some ways, these alternatives to the research essay still have the same basic requirements that I’ve discussed in all the previous chapters in The Process of Research Writing. After all, you are still trying to convince and inform an audience about a particular point, and you do this with your use and interpretation of evidence.

Course Hero has thousands of creative Writing study resources to help you. Find creative Writing course notes, answered questions, and creative Writing tutors 24/7. Essays | Small Epiphanies In 2002/03 I wrote a book whose title became the name for my blog - Small Epiphanies. Arranged in three thematic sections, the essays can be downloaded here. (Chapter titles link to PDF files, so right-click to download the PDF if you can't… Get Help with an Essay from Competent Professional Writers

cation, creative thinking, teamwork, and ethical reasoning (see http://www. ..... Using CLAQWA, student essays are assessed on each of the 16 skills or traits on a ...

Alternatives to the Essay: Infographics. September 23, 2015 By David Rickert 2 Comments.I was inspired by the idea of having students create an infographic as a way to demonstrate their understanding of a topic. Pinterest is full of them because they are visually interesting but informative... 10 creative alternatives to research reports and... | Ditch… Here are 10 creative alternatives: 1. Websites. By making a free website using tools like Weebly and Google Sites, students are much more likely to attract eyeballs to their work.If you are looking for a few alternatives to the traditional research paper, there are few ideas shared in this blog post. […] Talking about assessment: Alternatives to essays, part un |… Assigning essays supposes that students who are new to a topic can demonstrate a mastery of material or concepts that may simply beI would add one or two reasons more to forego the term paper. I really wonder how well long, academic essays help students consolidate course learning. Creative Alternatives to the "Just Checking In" Email I… Here are creative alternatives so you can stay away from “just checking in”: 1. Share content relevant to their position or business. Find an article, infographic, or video which might be useful to your client. You can make it educational or entertaining. 2. Talk about a recent blog post they just published.

For many courses of varying format and size, across many disciplines, reasonable alternatives to traditional tests (i.e., paper-based T/F or Multiple Choice) exist. In fact, oftentimes the alternatives may even be advantageous to promote student learning and be more authentic means of students demonstrating what they have learned at the higher ...

Open source tools can be used to get writing done, and freely available resources can be used to supplement and enhance that work. As a content manager here at, there are seven open source tools and resources that I use everyday. 7 open source tools and free resources for writing and documenting The A - Z of alternative words - Plain English Campaign

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