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The Muslim Mind: Ayad Akhtar's "Disgraced" | The Milwaukee ... The Milwaukee Independent previously published an extensive interview with Janan Najeeb. It was an effort to help our readers better understand the people of Islamic faith who live in the city, and address questions that were not the usual fear-based reactions to news events. Disgraced: A Play (9780316324465): Ayad Akhtar: Books Mr. Akhtar wrote an excellent essay "On Reading Plays" that appears at the beginning of this edition. He does an outstanding job explaining how reading a play is different from watching it (this is not a new sentiment, but he writes about it exquisitely).

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- "Antigone," is a wonderfully crafted play by Sophocles, which manifests various psychological aspects of humankind like anger, bravery, jealousy, ignorance, arrogance, deceit, and sacrifice to a greater degree. Out of the many characters that represent these human frailties, Antigone is portrayed as the strongest of all. Actor Raoul Bhaneja is at the helm of race relations play ... Apr 07, 2016 ยท Actor Raoul Bhaneja is at the helm of race relations play 'Disgraced' ... Bhaneja plays Amir Kapoor, a Pakistani-American lawyer who distances himself from his roots while at the same time ... Disgraced, a play reading | Broome County Arts Council

'Disgraced' is a high-wire performance on race and religion Tuesday, July 26, 2016 by Jay Gabler in Arts & Leisure Race, religion, and a whole lot of whiskey

She's married to Amir, a man born in America but raised by parents who escaped India after part of it became Pakistan. Amir changed his last name so that he could fit into the high finance law firm in which he's on a partner track. He is no longer Muslim, his American accent is flawless and he wants to keep a safe distance from all things Islam. After a slow start, 'Disgraced' heats up Chester Theatre ... CHESTER โ€” When first we see Amir Kapoor, the pivotal character in Ayad Akhtar's potent Pulitzer Prize-winning drama, "Disgraced" โ€” which is being given a credible, if uneven, production at Chester Theatre Company โ€” he is dressed in a stylish dark suit jacket, a crisp white shirt ... and boxers. The Kite Runner - Religion Theme - UK Essays The Kite Runner is a beautiful story about guilt and forgiveness, fear and redemption. The story emphasizes on what happens when there is an overwhelming fear which control one's actions, and the way one deals with this kind of situations. DISGRACED (McCarter): No disgrace here | phindie Amir, Akhtar, Lorca, and fellow actor Austene Van, as a African-American colleague of Amir's, put the ongoing, American dilemma about cultural identity in a nutshell. Mainly because Ebrahimzadeh and Van could play such complete people while reverting in some primitive way to their ethnic roots.

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"Post-9/11, folks who looked like me became very visible," says Ayad Akhtar, the writer of Disgraced. "Life changed. I and a lot of people like me felt differently after that. Like Amir [in the play], the fact of being Muslim, whether religious or cultural, became a significant fact that could not be avoided."

Winner of the 2013 Pulitzer Prize, Joseph Jefferson Award and Obie for best play. Amir Kapoor is a successful Pakistani-American lawyer who is rapidly moving up the corporate ladder while distancing himself from his cultural roots. Emily, his wife, is white; she's an artist, creating work influenced by Islamic imagery. Cultural Event: "Disgraced" at Actor's Theater | Honors ... The Honors Program will be taking students to Grand Rapids on Friday, April 21st to see "Disgraced" at Actor's Theater. We will be taking one van with 6 spots available. If you would prefer to transport yourself in your own vehicle, that is an option as well. Below is a description of the play. Disgraced (LCT3) : Shows | Lincoln Center Theater

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