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Capital letter definition, a letter of the alphabet that usually differs from its corresponding lowercase letter in form and height, as A, B, Q, and R as distinguished from a, b, q, and r: used as the initial letter of a proper name, the first word of a sentence, etc. Capital letter - definition of capital letter by The Free ... capital letter. n. A letter written or printed in a size larger than and often in a form differing from its corresponding lowercase letter; an uppercase letter.

Capital Letters: A Usage Guide. It may be acceptable to drop capital letters when writing casually to friends but if you are writing anything more formal then you need to use capital letters correctly. This page lists the rules, and provides examples of when to use (and when not to use) capital letters in English writing. Letter case - Wikipedia Capital letters are used as the first letter of a sentence, a proper noun, or a proper adjective. The names of the days of the week and the names of the months are also capitalised, as are the first-person pronoun "I" and the interjection "O" (although the latter is uncommon in modern usage, with "oh" being preferred). Semicolons: A Quick Guide How to Use a Semicolon | Grammarly

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The National Museum of Australia style guide for writers an editors, with chapters on Museum terms, punctuation, capital letters, italics and numbers. Uppercase – Typography Deconstructed Definition: The capital letters of the alphabet are uppercase glyphs. Uppercase letters are normally used at the beginning of sentences and as the first letter of ... capital letters | CERN writing guidelines

Oct 30, 2011 ... Correct spelling is not only about which letters we use in the word. We should also know when to begin a word with a capital letter. (This is ...

The caps lock key is a key on a computer keyboard that causes every typed letter to appear as a capital letter instead of as a... Capital | Definition of Capital by Merriam-Webster Capital definition is - of or conforming to the series A, B, C, etc. rather than a, b, c, etc.. How to use capital in a sentence. capital and capitol: Which One to Use Where What Is The Capital Of Japan? - WorldAtlas.com Japan has had several capital cities throughout history with the current capital being Tokyo. What Is the Capital of Costa Rica? - WorldAtlas.com San José is the capital city of the Costa Rica.

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Capital or Lowercase I in Cursive? Once you have done enough practicing on the sheets and feel ready to tackle actual letters, you should make your first attempt at actual cursive letters. And although if you are reading this, you just want to make a capital “I” letter, you should always begin with lowercase letters. Capital letter | definition of capital letter by Medical ... capital An expenditure by an NHS institution on the acquisition of land, premises (including new and refurbished), equipment and vehicles etc. An expenditure is regarded as capital if it is in excess of £5,000. Capital vs. Capitol: What's the Difference? - Writing Explained

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A semicolon should be followed by a capital letter only if the word is a proper noun or an acronym. We can go to the museum to do some research; Mondays are pretty quiet there. Remember, semicolons are not interchangeable with commas or periods.